Great Northern beach and jungle ride, 180 minutes

Duration: 180 mins (approx)
Great Northern beach and jungle ride, 180 minutes

From our stables we head south onto the main beaches of Nungwi and Kendwa, we will walk, trot and canter at intervals along this amazing beach. We will head to Kilindi bay which is a great place for photographs then head inland to the Kilindi farmlands & the remote villages of Kidoti. En-route we will pass through isolated communities and jungle forests that are rarely seen by tourists. Once we arrive at Kidoti Villas & ranch you will have the opportunity to visit our paddocks and other horses and enjoy some refreshments. After a 30-minute break we will re-mount the horses and head back to the northern beaches finishing the ride with a 7 km canter along the white beaches of Kendwa and Nungwi. Price includes refreshments and snacks at Kidoti Villas by Z.


This is a ride that is only possible at Low tide and before 10am – beaches are too busy after.

Price per person starts from 243$

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